Consent & Introduction

You are invited to take part in a research survey. Participation will require approximately 10 minutes and is completed online. There are no known risks associated with this survey. Taking part in this study is completely voluntary. If you choose not to be in the study, you can withdraw at any time. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential, and digital data will be stored in secure files. Any report of this research that is made available to the public will not include your name nor any other individual information by which you could be identified. Following completion of this initial survey, informational flyers regarding genetic testing guidelines will be sent to your email address and we will contact you with an opportunity to complete a similar survey in the future. Upon completion of this initial survey, you will be automatically entered into a raffle to win an iPad. If you wish to be entered in the raffle without completing the survey, please contact us at to notify us of your interest in entering the raffle without completing the survey. Likewise, we will hold a second raffle after the follow-up survey; you will have two opportunities to enter a raffle to win an iPad.*

If you have questions or want a summary of this study’s results, you can contact the study investigators (email: Please feel free to print a copy of this consent page to keep for your records.

Study PI: Edward Kim, MD, PhD (

*iPad will only be awarded one week after final email reminder is sent and after a minimum of 10 participants have entered the raffle.

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